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Freedom First CEO

Work Less, Vacation More!

The Freedom First CEO Podcast is dedicated to entrepreneurs yearning for a genuine break from the non-stop hustle. You’ll discover how to take regular vacations while your business continues to flourish even in your absence!

Every week, we dive deep into innovative strategies and inspirational stories, helping you create a business system that doesn’t consume every waking hour of your life.

The ultimate goal is simple: to help you design the freedom lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of.

We aim to dispel the notion that constant hustle is the only pathway to business success. Instead, we are here to promote a business framework where your freedom and passion are equally cherished.

Meet The Host

Hey there, I’m Shayla Burtin. I enjoy hiking, hanging out with friends, watching Netflix and relaxing at the beach.

When I’m not enjoying my days off, I run a company called Yes, I Can Help You where I partner with entrepreneurs who want to stop working 24/7 and take well-deserved vacations while their businesses continue to thrive.

I remember the days of working Sunday through Saturday from sunup to sundown. Feeling miserable and wanting to BURN IT TO THE GROUND.

I refuse to go back to that life. 
I refuse to let you live that life.

We no longer wear “the hustle” as a badge of honor.

We’re building businesses that revolve around our lives and gives us all the freedom and flexibility we desire.

I’m excited to share my knowledge and have fun conversations with my fellow entrepreneurs on the journey to freedom. If you’re interested in being a podcast guest, the details are below.

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Interested In Being A Guest?

If you are a business owner living a freedom-fulfilled life OR you’re working your way towards it, you may be a good fit for the show. Other topics we discuss on this podcast include: 

  • Self-care, Wellness & Vacations
  • Work-life Harmony
  • Entrepreneurial Burnout
  • Time Management
  • Delegation & Leadership
  • Systems, & Automation
  • Financial Freedom
  • Planning & Goal Setting
  • CEO Mindset
  • Growth & Scaling Strategies