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The CEO Jumpstart™

VIP Intensive

Time freedom and flexibility is within reach.

Congratulations are in order.

Business is booming! All of your marketing efforts have paid off. Your brand is getting the recognition it truly deserves. You have way more customers than you can handle by yourself. You’re the CEO, but you’re still doing everything!

You need to build or expand your team, but are you READY for a team?

If you’re currently suffering from operational chaos, bringing other people on board without putting things in order will end up in disaster. But how do you work on organizing your business when you are already overloaded with tasks? How do you own your role as CEO when you don’t have a full team to support you?

I understand this dilemma completely.

While I’ve helped other entrepreneurs improve their businesses, I once hid a dark secret. My company’s back-end operations used to be a hot mess!

I recall having a full workload and being incredibly overwhelmed and stressed out. I needed to hire help, however the words that I had been preaching for years came back to haunt me. I always said that it’s unfair to hire people into your chaotic business and then expect them to succeed.

I knew that I needed to get my stuff together but unfortunately, I didn’t have the time. So there was only one solution to my problem – a solution that I did not want to use. I had to immediately stop taking on new projects and reduce the number of clients I had. 

I lost out on a lot of revenue!

I know that I’m not the only entrepreneur who has had to face this situation. I don’t want anyone else to struggle and miss out on opportunities like I did. So that’s why I created The CEO Jumpstart™ VIP Intensive. We’ll take a deep dive into your back-end operations during our time together and determine what areas need improvement. We’ll review your time management and ensure it includes adequate self-care because YOU MATTER.

My mission is to help whip your business back into shape and allow you to gain all the freedom and flexibility you desire.

Here’s How The Process Works:

Our VIP Intensive is approximately 5 hours and can be split into two sessions. You’ll receive a Welcome Kit that includes a business assessment and time audit for you to complete before the scheduled intensive. During our session, we’ll follow The CEO Jumpstart™ 3-step framework:

Create your CEO freedom plan.
We’ll kick things off with a strategy session to discuss your business goals and complete a SWOT analysis. We’ll discover where you spend most of your time. Using this information, we will redefine your role as the CEO. Your workload will decrease. Your vacations will increase.  Most importantly, you will be able to put a greater focus on the growth and development of your company.

Streamline and document your processes.
Next, we’ll analyze your major processes to simplify and trim the fat. We’ll identify and fix the inefficiencies to improve productivity, decrease slowdowns and save money. Your customers will thank you.  Standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be created and organized in a Google drive folder or project management tool.

Build your team of perfect people.
Let’s create your future organization chart! We’ll review your current team and identify the next superstars you need. You’ll receive a customized staffing plan, plus templates and resources that will allow you to easily onboard new team members over and over. When you are ready to hire, we’ll help you find the perfect people for your business.

The Transformation

Before The CEO Jumpstart

After The CEO Jumpstart

You’ll Also Receive

Working with Shayla helped me come up with new ideas for how to conduct meetings with prospective clients, how to hire and onboard my team and so much more. I feel like a legit business owner.

– Valarie Thomas
Social Media Consultant

If you’re tired of being an employee at your own company and want to scale your business the right way, contact us today to get the support you deserve.
Shayla Burtin