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HR Health Assessment

Are you putting your business at risk?

Human Resources is a necessity in every growing business. Hiring the right team, creating a great work environment and staying legally compliant is vital to your company’s success.


Take this free 3-minute assessment below to determine if there are any gaps or potential risks your business could be exposed to with your current HR processes.



Are you familiar with all of the employment laws that are applicable for your business size?

Does your company have a mission, vision and values statement to guide your decision-making?

When recruiting for open positions, does your current process take less than 45 days from job posting to offer?

Do you have a structured plan for onboarding and training new employees?

Are you confident that all I-9 documents have been completed properly and stored separately from employee files?

Do you have an employee handbook with company policies that are given to all new employees?

Have you posted all of the required labor law posters?

Do your managers have a formal process for documenting performance issues?

Do you know how to effectively handle employment terminations while minimizing the associated risks?

Do you have an expert resource you can call for advice on difficult employment-related issues?