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HR Audit

A review of your practices, policies, and procedures to keep you out of hot water.

What is a Human Resources Audit?

An HR Audit reviews your current human resource practices, procedures, policies and documentation.  This review identifies any areas that need improvement, as well as assess the business compliance with federal, state and local laws.

Fines and penalties for not being in compliance can be costly. Not to mention the potential for lawsuits.

Employment discrimination and wrongful terminations are the top types of lawsuits filed against small businesses with the award amounts ranging from $5,000 to $80,000 per case.

We begin every new client relationship with a human resources audit for your business. The results and our recommendations will be provided to you in a comprehensive report.

Here are the areas we'll examine:

✔️ RecruitingWhat is your current strategy for recruiting new staff?

✔️ OnboardingDescribe your current onboarding process.

✔️ TrainingWhat type of training do your employees go through?

✔️ Employee RelationsWhat is your discipline process for employees?

✔️ TerminationWhat is your process for terminating an employee?

✔️ ComplianceDo you have the required labor laws posted in the office?

The HR Audit can be conducted virtually or at your location in the Greater Milwaukee area.

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