Have a Good Day!

A Gratitude Workshop

It’s easy to overlook the simple pleasures in life and get caught up in the constant race for more. We often forget to pause and appreciate what we already have. But what if we could transform our lives by changing this very perspective?

Enter the world of ‘Have a Good Day,’ a practical and engaging workshop designed to help your organization or group cultivate an attitude of gratitude. During this session, we explore the incredible potential of simply saying “Thank You” and acknowledging the good in your life. This enlightening workshop is for anyone who wants to:

Enhance Their Overall Well-being

Experience More Joy

Navigate Life More Resiliently

Have a Good Day is more than a workshop. It’s a journey towards a life of abundance, joy, and true contentment. It’s for the person who wants to see the world through a brighter, more optimistic lens. It’s for you.

Here's What You Will Learn:

The workshop is approximately 60 minutes long.*

Each participant will receive a copy of

Have a Good Day! A Daily Gratitude Journal With Writing Prompts. 

There are 3 interactive activities:

Virtual or in-person in the Greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area

*The length of the workshop can be adjusted. Larger, more talkative groups tend to need extra time. 

$22 per person
(minimum of 10 people)

Meet the Facilitator

Hello! I’m Shayla Burtin, a seasoned Business Strategist, and Author, with over 20 years of rich experience in Human Resources and Operations. One of my greatest passions is to enable freedom-seeking entrepreneurs to realize the business of their dreams, paving the path to a life they’ve always wished for.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I practice what I preach. Joy and freedom aren’t just mere topics of discussion for me; they form the very fabric of my everyday experience and lifestyle.

This incorporation of gratitude not only makes me a great facilitator of this workshop but also a testament to the transformative power of gratitude in practice.

I can’t wait to stand alongside you as you embark on this journey to living gratefully. Together, we’ll learn, grow, and relish in the life-affirming practice of gratitude.

Interested in having Shayla lead this workshop for your organization? Send the details below.

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