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Operations Overhaul

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to freedom!


You’re a CEO and you know how to make things happen.
You’ve got the skills and the drive. You created something amazing.
But there’s just one problem:

The business doesn’t run itself.

You have to juggle all of the responsibilities that come with operating a company. You’re always on call and can’t afford to take any time off. And when you’re busy managing every little detail, you can’t focus on what matters—building your business and growing your revenue.

In order to have a long-lasting business that gives you the freedom you desire, you need to overhaul your operations. 

We can help.

Using our CEO Freedom First Method™, we’ll work side-by-side with you to build a solid foundation for your growing business. We’ll eliminate the chaos and disorganization, and help you build a strong team allowing you to take more vacations.

We give you the tools you need to step out of the day-to-day operations and into a clear, efficient future—one where things keep moving your business forward instead of holding it back.

scale freedom first

Here’s How The Process Works:

Our time together over the next 90 days will give you the jumpstart you need to scale your business with intention. In the background, our team will recruit, interview and shortlist the best candidates for one of your job openings. 

Our Freedom First Method™ has five phases:

Solidify you as the PRIORITY.
You are the Most Valuable Player. If you are a mess, your business will be a mess. Are you taking enough time for vacations and self-care? If not, we’ll fix that.  During this phase, you’ll learn how to step away from the day-to-day tasks and focus on developing the long-term vision for your business.

We’ll talk about how you can set your priorities and boundaries — plus get rid of the things that are holding you back from success.

Create your strategic growth PLAN.
During the second session, we’ll take a deep dive into the 7 key business objectives listed below. We’ll determine the objectives that need your immediate focus and identify the projects that will allow you to progress over the next 6-12 months. You’ll receive clarity, direction, and a strategic plan to ensure that your vision is successfully executed.

Assess your current services and PRODUCTS.
We’ll use our expertise to help you redesign and improve your products and/or services. We’ll fine-tune your product or service to meet the needs of your target audience. Also, analyze your current pricing structure to ensure that you are charging the right prices to make it more profitable.

Streamline and document your PROCESSES.
We’ll analyze your top 5 systems and processes to simplify them and trim the fat. We’ll identify and fix the inefficiencies to improve productivity, decrease slowdowns and save money. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) will be created and organized in a Google drive folder or project management tool for you.

Build your team of supportive PEOPLE.
During this session, we’ll work together to create your future organization chart based on the vision you have for your business. A customized hiring plan will be created so that it will be easier for you to hire talented individuals over and over.

We’ll identify the next superstar you need. Then our team will take over by posting your job opening, interviewing candidates, and presenting you with the top 3 choices to hire.

The Transformation

Before the Freedom First Method™

After the Freedom First Method™

You’ll Also Receive:


The Operations Overhaul is for businesses experiencing exponential growth. This program will build a solid foundation for your business giving you the systems, tools, and resources to scale.

During our initial consultation, we’ll determine if the Operations Overhaul is the right solution for your company. After the contract and invoice is signed, you’ll schedule the first two-hour session with our Operations Manager and start Phase #1 – Priority. Click here to get started. 

During our time together, we will determine if you need to hire additional staff to fill any gaps in your business. Most likely, we will match you with an Operations Coordinator to continue the work we’ve done and grow with your business. We can also train existing staff on any new systems and processes we create.

There is a flat fee of $4,997. Ask us about our payment plan.

“Working with Shayla helped me come up with new ideas for how to conduct meetings with prospective clients, how to hire and onboard my team and so much more. I feel like a legit business owner.”

– Valarie Thomas
Social Media Consultant

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