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Freedom First VIP Day

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to freedom!

Freedom First VIP Day

You’re a multi-passionate CEO who knows how to make things happen. You’ve got the skills and the drive. You’ve created an amazing company that is making an impact.

But there’s just one problem:

The business doesn’t run itself.

You have to juggle every last one of the responsibilities that come with operating a company. You’re always on call and can’t afford to take any time off. You’re busy managing every little detail, so you can’t focus on what matters—building your business and growing your revenue. And even if you could, you don’t have the necessary systems, processes, and people in place to support expansion.

“The experts” said all you had to do was hire a Virtual Assistant and then you’d be on the beach sipping margaritas.

Well… the lie detector determined that was a lie!

Hiring an Assistant didn’t make things better. In fact, things are getting worse. You can feel the stress building up inside you. And you know that if you don’t take action soon, something will have to give.

First of all… breathe.

You’re in the right place now. I’ve got the solution you’ve been searching for…

Freedom First VIP Day

This one-day, transformative experience is designed to help you scale your business while enjoying the work-life alignment you deserve.

No more sleepless nights worrying about your never-ending to-do list, no more missing out on precious family time, and no more feeling like you’re chained to your business.

Using our signature Freedom First Method™, we‘ll free you from the 24/7 hustle and allow you to enjoy well-deserved vacations while your business continues to thrive.

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Here’s How The Process Works:

We’ll spend one 6-hour day (or two 3-hour days) working together to give you the jumpstart you need to scale your business with intention. Our Freedom First Method™ has four phases:

✨ Solidify you as the PRIORITY.

We’ll discuss your vision for your life and business. Clarify what freedom means to you. Schedule regular self-care and vacation time.

Create your strategic growth PLAN.

We’ll redesign your CEO role and set boundaries. Implement better time management techniques. Review your upcoming projects and reduce time wasting tasks.

✨ Build your team of supportive People.

Create your future organization chart and determine who to hire and when. Build a customized hiring/onboarding plan. Discuss techniques for effective team management and difficult conversations.

✨ Review your systems & PROCESSES.

Identify and fix any inefficiencies in the way you’re operating. Map out a list of standard operating procedures (SOPs) that need to be created. Discuss how to create the SOPs.

The Transformation

Before the Freedom First Method™

After the Freedom First Method™

You’ll Also Receive:


The Freedom First VIP Day is for thriving business owners experiencing exponential growth. They typically have 1 or more team members and looking to expand.

During our initial consultation, we’ll determine if the VIP Day is the right solution for your company. After the contract and invoice is signed, you’ll receive a short questionnaire to complete and then you’ll schedule our meeting day. Click here to get started. 

There is a flat fee of $2,997. The payment must be paid-in-full before scheduling the VIP Day.

“Working with Shayla helped me come up with new ideas for how to conduct meetings with prospective clients, how to hire and onboard my team and so much more. I feel like a legit business owner.”

– Valarie Thomas
Social Media Consultant

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