Establishing yourself as an expert in your field is necessary to grow your business. Being seen as an authority with in-depth knowledge on a subject will drive potential clients to you. Your credibility as an expert will persuade clients to pay top dollar to receive your trusted advice and solutions to their problems.

Here are the 4 steps to becoming the go-to subject expert in your field:

Share your expertise

The first step is to share your expertise and share it often. The key is to not give everything away for free, but give just enough to demonstrate your knowledge and leave them wanting more. 

Share tips in small doses so that your audience can get a taste of your knowledge. Tell them about other helpful resources they can utilize. Educate your audience regularly through your social media pages and blog posts on your website. The consistency of you freely sharing your expertise will build trust and potential clients will seek you out.

Get testimonials

Before many consumers purchase a product or service, they wonder what others have experienced. Therefore they will seek out reviews to read. Make sure you have great reviews posted about your services.

Always ask for testimonials from previous clients and students. Get endorsements from other experts in your industry and organizations you’ve worked with. Written testimonials are fine, however video is even better.

Put all of your reviews and endorsements on your website and media press kits so that they can be easily viewed by potential clients.

Become a writer

Not only should you write posts for your own blog, you should also provide content for other websites. Write articles and submit them to news outlets, trade journals and other professional publications.  This will get you in front of wider audiences and help expand your network. Look for other publications that accept guest articles and submit your ideas.

Writing a book is another way to show your expertise. Research your audience’s top pain points and pick one of them as the subject for your book. The book’s content should offer solutions to your audience’s problems. 

Be seen and heard

Gain instant credibility by being a guest speaker at an event or seminar. Facilitate workshops and trainings. Contact radio or podcast hosts and ask for an invitation to speak. Start a YouTube channel to share your expertise and store video of your speaking engagements. Doing this will get your message in front of potential clients.  

Once you start getting out there, be sure to keep your website and media kit updated with all of the places you’ve been featured.

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