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Why Say Yes to Us?

It’s time to get your stuff together before it’s too late.

Yes, I Can Help You is the haven for small business owners craving balance between success and serenity. With us, chaos turns into structure, and hustle transforms into strategic growth. Overwhelmed much? Stressed out? Say goodbye to those feelings, because we’re here to lead your business to a leap of sustainable growth, minus the burnout.

Is self-care merely a bubble in your mental wish-list? Not anymore. We want you to not just be a CEO in title, but truly embrace the essence of it. That means vacations, self-care, and all the good things in life, while your business continues to thrive.

We’re the secret weapon behind numerous flourishing small businesses, thanks to our signature Freedom First Method.

In this unique approach, YOU are the priority. We establish a blueprint for your business that centers around strategic planning, streamlining processes, and building a team of dedicated individuals, all pushing towards your vision.

This ensures you have the freedom you desired when you first dreamed of starting your own business – the freedom to live an enriched life beyond work.

Our Values

Integrity:  We are trustworthy and always do the right thing.

Support:  We go the extra mile to help our clients and each other.

Excellence:  We strive to do our very best at all times.

Accountability:  We honor our commitments, and always accept responsibility.

Joy:  We love the work we do; it makes our hearts smile.

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Yes, You Should Meet Me

I’m Shayla Burtin and I wear many hats – a Certified Director of Operations, a seasoned HR Professional, an insightful author, and the proud Founder of Yes, I Can Help You LLC. My journey wasn’t driven by dreams of becoming a millionaire, but by pursuit of a quality of life filled with time, freedom, and flexibility.

My driving force: deeply satisfying work that sparks joy in my life, unlimited by constraints, and making a difference in others’ lives the way I’m uniquely called to.

With over a span of 20 years, I’ve honed my HR and Operations capabilities into fine acumen that now helps entrepreneurs navigate their growth paths more confidently.

Together, we’ll tame the chaos of your operations, making your day-to-day manageable and steering your business towards sustainable growth. I know the journey of entrepreneurship can be a lonely one, which is why your victories become mine, too. Because, a win for you is a win for me!

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, my roots are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where I was born and raised, and I still call it home. I proudly wear the crown of the ‘World’s Best Aunt’ to six adorable children.

When I’m not working, I revel in the simple pleasures of life – staying hooked to Netflix, enjoying delightful dinner reservations, and putting a pin on my next vacation destination.

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