Running your business on your own is the most fulfilling part of solopreneurship. You are working without supervision, you have flexible working hours, and the best part– the profit is all yours. However, as the business grows, you realize that things are becoming more demanding. Keeping up with tasks that you once enjoyed becomes a daunting task. You want to build a team so that you can have a business that runs without you. But you may be wondering at what point in your business you should start. Here are six signs that you may need to hire someone:

Overflowing workload

You can’t manage your task list. Things are not getting done. You’re losing clients and turning down work. Failure to meet deadlines is a sign that you indeed require a helping hand. If you find that you no longer have the same enthusiasm to wake up early and hit the ground running due to mountainous tasks at hand, then it is time for you to seek help. Instead of risking your business reputation with the notion that you are the only one who can get things done, hire an assistant who will help you free some time for you to concentrate on other demanding business operations.

No growth

Your business is stagnant because you don’t have time to focus on growth. If you’re doing all the things, you can’t do the most important thing. You’re spending the majority of your time on non-revenue generating activities. For every business to continue running smoothly, money is required. As a solopreneur, you are not an exception. You got rent, bills, as well as other operational costs for your business. It is paramount to spend quality time on tasks that will bring more revenue to your business.

Increased complaints

You might be receiving customer complaints and bad reviews. The quality of your products and services are at risk. This is a tale-tale sign that you are not up to the game. While a bad product review from your customers can hurt, it should be your wake-up call that you need to delegate. Customers require consistency, and delivering to their expectations is the only thing they need from you. However, with your business growth, you have gotten overwhelmed, and you no longer give your customers the expected satisfaction they were used to before. You need not hurt your business anymore; hire an assistant.

Skill gaps

You’re missing an essential skill needed to perform a role, and you don’t have the time to learn it. Even with the internet, sometimes it isn’t easy for one to master all the skills. Due to time constraints, an attempt to grasp them will be at the expense of your business. If you find it difficult to operate your daily business activities due to technical and skill gaps, it is the ripe time for you to ask for support.

No vacations

As a solopreneur, it is hard to take a break for a day or two. You are constantly terrified of losing customers, business falling apart, and the anxiety of not having cash in the bank account upon return. However, with the burnout of working without rest closes in, there is a need for you to find a replacement to stand in for you when you are gone. Finding a suitable replacement for the right tasks will help you a great deal. Reaching out to people with the same business can help you in the outsourcing of the right candidate. 

Financially stable

Many solopreneurs experience financial strains especially, at the start of their businesses. Therefore the need to seek an extra employee to help them out becomes a nightmare. As the business grows, more profit is made, and you may find that you have enough money to sustain wage bills. If that is the case, it is the right time to expand your business and seek the endless benefits that one rips from expansion.

While it brings contentment to run your business on your own, it is essential to know when the work on your plate is too much for you to handle. Sourcing for an expert or a virtual assistant to help you out will help you perform better in business decisions and growth implementation.

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