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You can probably think of a few reasons why hiring and friends and family would be a good idea. However, there are far more reasons supporting why just the opposite is true. Before you take the leap and hire those closest to you, read my top 5 reasons why you should give it a second thought.

Emotional Involvement

Because your loved ones are close to you, no matter how many heart-to-heart talks you have with them, emotions will always be involved. They may only see you as their cousin or friend and not as their boss.

Ask yourself, would they honestly be able to take correction? Can they be told what to do without having any emotional whiplash whatsoever. Chances are it would only be a matter of time before one of you figures out that working together isn’t such a good idea.

Unexpected Expectations

There is something about working with friends and family that screams unexpected expectations. Imagine having a staff meeting and establishing a new set of requirements. All the meanwhile, your newly hired cousin is brushing them off because she’s family. And things are different for her. She expects you to understand and just know that’s how things will be with her on your payroll.

That exact mindset is one that could cause a whole heap of issues with the other employees. It could develop into a workplace attitude that will be both uncomfortable and one you may not want to deal with. 

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Unsolicited Business Advice

It’s your business and you’re the boss, but that doesn’t matter to your Aunt. She thinks she can run it better. With some of your closest employees being family or friends, you may find yourself being on the receiving end of unsolicited business advice.

Although you don’t have to take their advice, it could be difficult to ask them to be quiet for fear of hurting their feelings. 

Faulty Commitments

Going hand-in-hand with the other reasons, this one is no different. In the midst of feeling like they have an inner favor, friends and family members may not be as committed as your other employees. 

This can be seen through being late for work with no real excuse. Taking unnecessary days off or not upholding workplace rules. The last thing you need is someone unreliable that has the ability to rub off on other workers. 

Jeopardized Relationships

Family and friends can fall out for a number of reasons. Do you really want one of them to be because of your business? Nothing says awkward family reunion than one that is caused by jeopardized work relationships.

Overall, the best way to keep the relationships with your loved ones intact is to not hire them. I understand wanting to help them out and even “give them a piece of the pie.” However, there is much more at stake. 

Keep your business thriving by hiring the best candidates for the job. And establishing a workplace environment that employees will be proud to work in. 

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