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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

While the above statement is true, many people still don’t take enough time away from their daily job. The urge to make more money has clouded the mind of many people that they hardly see any importance of taking time off. Working overtime to achieve more is actually counterproductive. Self-care is good for your health and your physical well-being. Rest will reduce stress levels and make you more productive.

Here are 12 activities to keep you preoccupied on your day off:

Read a book.
Reading a new book, be it a storybook or a motivational book, is a great idea when you have time off from work. Reading will help your mind shift its focus from stressful work life, making you relax. In addition, reading will give you more ideas and a fresh perspective about life.

Have lunch with a friend.
Taking a friend out for lunch can be a good way of spending your time off. Sometimes we are tired of cooking at home, but since we are not busy during off times, why not take that friend for lunch and eat while catching up on lost time?

Take a nap.
Napping is not just for babies. It has many benefits for adults. According to WebMD, napping for adults can reduce stress levels, consequently boosting productivity at work. So consider taking a nap in the afternoon and promote your mental well-being.

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Spend time with family.
Most of us work hard to support our families. Be sure to spend quality time bonding with them when you’re off work. Spending time with loved ones will re-energize us by reminding us why we wake up early every day. This activity will give your life some meaning, and the next time you are back to work, believe me, you will be happy and productive.

A few hours dedicated for others’ benefit is a great way to spend your time off. These activities will give you satisfaction, and there is nothing better than that!

Go sight-seeing.
Taking a stroll around your city to acquaint yourself with the landscape and environment is an excellent way of relaxing your mind whenever you have some time off work. Act like you are a tourist and enjoy your sightseeing.

Watch a movie.
Those who love watching movies can do that during their off time. Movies are a great way of relaxing. Movies will take your mind to a fantasy world, and you will be relieved of the world’s worries. Isn’t that cool?

Plant a garden.
Most of us love gardens, but there is one problem! We hardly have time to do the planting. Those who love gardening can spend some hours planting vegetables or flowers.

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Go shopping.
Who doesn’t love nice things? You may not be rich, but sparing a few dollars to buy something you want can be a great activity to spend your time on.

Learn something new.
Learning is a lifetime project, and work shouldn’t deny you that opportunity. While taking that off-work time, you can use it to learn a new hobby or even a new language. Learning a new skill can open doors of opportunities for you when you least expect it.

Write in a journal or blog.
While not everyone likes writing, journaling is an excellent way of relaxing during your time off work. It doesn’t have to be for money. You can blog purely for leisure. Sharing your experiences with other online communities will help steam off life’s stress.

Pamper yourself.
Sparing quality time for yourself to do what you like can be an excellent activity for you when you are off work. Why not visit your local spa for a massage or a manicure? Indulging in these activities will lift your spirit. In addition, it will boost your outlook and confidence.

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