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Are you operating like an employee or a CEO?

It’s time for you to take control of your business and gain more freedom in your life. 

You may think you can do it all,
but it doesn’t mean you should.

Hey Visionary! You started your business on your own and quite frankly, you’re kicking butt at it! However, as the workload steadily increases, you realize that you can’t continue operating the same way.

Does this sound familiar, my friend?

You don’t have to struggle alone – Yes, I Can Help You!

Hey, I'm Shayla!

As the Founder of Yes, I Can Help You, I understand the struggles of starting and growing a company. Having to develop all of the ideas, implement them, and make all of the decisions on your own can be painful. You are probably not able to perform the CEO role to your fullest extent.

Your focus should be on growing the business through strategic planning, casting the vision, building relationships, and developing new services/ products.

If you don’t have time to do these activities, your company
will remain stagnant. 

Understanding this, my team and I help overwhelmed entrepreneurs transform their business operations so that they can enjoy the time freedom and flexibility of a company that runs without them.

We do this using our CEO Jumpstart™ 3-Step Framework where we focus on strategic planning, streamlining processes, and building teams of perfect people.

Let's Work Together!

Do you want to expand your business and team, but your back-end operations are disorganized? Our half-day intensive will help you streamline your processes and hire your star players.

You need a right-hand partner to keep you, your team and your projects on track. We offer ongoing operations management support for growing 6 & 7 figure businesses. 

What My Clients Say

She is amazing! Love love love her work! Not only is she talented, but she takes the time to get to know you, your business and works along side you as she creates masterpieces for your business. I highly recommend this company! Blessings come in small packages!
Jessa Johnson
Jessa Johnson Coaching
I can't thank you enough for the services and assistance you provided over the last month. You have truly impacted the professionalism of my hiring process and I now have the boost I need to get things up and running. I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects.
Sparkle Negron
A Purposeful Life Center

You know you need help, friend.

You want to grow your business, but you can’t do everything yourself. What if you could get more done in less time? What if you spent less time doing the things that do not make money and more time focused on the profitable things? What if you had someone to help you make the difficult decisions?

What if you stop wondering and take the first step to get help?

Shayla Says

Yes, I Can Help You book cover

New Book Release

Yes, I Can Help You:  Transform Your Business With Proper Planning, Processes, and People

Entrepreneurship can be more complicated than you ever imagined. The time has come to break free of those restraints that keep you from living a fulfilling life. Check out my new book to find out how.