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It’s time to put your

CEO Freedom First™

Let me show you how!
 It’s time to put your

CEO Freedom First™

 Let me show you how!

Download our free hiring roadmap and start building your dream team.

Download our free hiring roadmap and start building your dream team.


This could be YOU with the right strategic partner on your team.

Yes, I Can Help You!

Hey, I'm Shayla!

Listen, being the CEO of a company you started from the ground up is stressful.

I get it—you have to come up with all the ideas, do all the work, and make all the decisions on your own. You can’t possibly get everything done. And you’re probably not performing at your fullest potential.

You need a trustworthy partner to help you grow.

I’ve been there and done that, and I know what it’s like to be frustrated with your business when you don’t have time to do the things that really matter like strategic planning, building relationships, and developing new products and services.

That’s why I created my company—Yes, I Can Help You.

We help overwhelmed entrepreneurs transform their operations so they can enjoy the time freedom and flexibility of a business that runs without them.

We do this using our signature Freedom First Method™ in four phases.

Certified Director of Operations
scale free

Freedom First Method™


You are the Most Valuable Player. Here we'll prioritize vacations, self-care, and a manageable workload.


Identify and fix the inefficiencies to improve productivity, decrease slowdowns and save money.


Get clarity, direction, and a strategic plan to ensure that your vision is successfully executed.


Create your future organization chart and build your team based on the vision for your business.

Here's How We Can Work Together...

Is your business growing but you’re still doing all the things? We’ll help you define your CEO role, organize your operations, hire your star players, and take more vacations.

Let a recruiting expert do all the legwork to find your next team member.  We’ll post the job opening, conduct phone interviews, and send you the top candidates.

You need a right-hand partner to keep you, your team and your projects on track. We offer strategy and operations management for growing 6 & 7 figure businesses.

What My Clients Say

Shayla was patient with me and asked a lot of great questions that provoked me to think about how I do business, how I can improve on processes and procedures and to really look at things from various different perspectives. She helped me document my SOPs, identify what key staff I wanted to add to my organization and how to find qualified individuals to fill those roles... Shayla was very patient and she is truly an expert in her field.
Cheryl McMurtry
McMurtry Financial Services
I can't thank you enough for the services and assistance you provided over the last month. You have truly impacted the professionalism of my hiring process and I now have the boost I need to get things up and running. I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects.
Sparkle Negron
A Purposeful Life Center

You know you need help, friend.

Shayla Says